Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Problem With Potty Training

Charlie is in size 5 diapers.

That seems like a pretty bland fact, but diapers only go up to size 6.

So pretty soon I'm going to have to potty train him, or start investigating diapers for older children.

It seems like a pretty simple answer. I mean, even children with limited mobility can be trained to use the bathroom on a schedule. I get that. If I get my head on straight, I know we could accomplish it.

But then I think about the flip side. . .

Let's say I teach Charlie to pee every day at two o'clock, and then one day it's two, life has intervened, and we're at the mall. I never go to the mall, but you get the gist. . . do I take him to the public restroom? Do I physically pick him up and place him on the toilet? What if they don't have those cute, protector thingies?

And Charlie is pretty small now--what do I do when he's twelve and doesn't weight 27 pounds any more? Which bathroom would we use then? Women or Men's?

Where the hell is the manual for this stuff? I swear, it can be the most basic thing and I find my self picking it apart for hours, trying to figure out the right solution. I realize that some of these things may not be issues when he's older, but I HATE that I don't know the answers.


popsicles 080

Charlie discovers popsicles and also cold headaches--quite a day.