Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lookin' Up

Well, I think I'm recovering from yesterday's battle and I know I have another one on the horizon--we visit the neurologist next Wednesday. Hey, maybe that'll be easy (a girl can dream, right?)

It's not all tough stuff over here, though. After looking through our benefits book, I believe that our insurance company will be covering the full cost of the wheelchair. I'm, of course, not counting that chicken until it shows up, fully-paid in my living room, but it's a nice thought.

I also completely forgot to mention that I took Charlie to Story Time at the library last week and I'm definitely putting that adventure in the success column. I went early, introduced myself and Charlie to the librarian and gave her a one-sentence explanation of his issues. She was so completely nice and wonderful to him and in true Charlie style he turned his head and closed his eyes. Five other children came in a gaggle and two stories were read and two Raffi songs were played that the kids all danced to. Charlie is very shy and kept his eyes firmly closed the entire time. I did notice, however, that during the second story his eye lids started to flicker like he was trying to peek out at everyone. When it was finished the librarian came over to say goodbye and he actually opened his eyes and looked at her. In my book that's a smashing success and we'll be going back next Friday.

I'll admit that I never wanted to buy my child a wheelchair, but that's past me now. Just spending the day with him today, made me notice how much he's growing up and changing. My confidence in him isn't unfounded--he is amazing.