Monday, June 14, 2010

Good Things

  1. The Bird on the Street Facebook Page. I swear, it is just one of my favorite things to check out. People put up pictures of their kids, we share tips—it’s just great. One of my favorite places on the Internet (I’m not at all biased, right?)birthday 3 015
  2. Charlie’s third birthday party. I really debated even having one this year. Typically, he gets completely overwhelmed and has a meltdown. I decided what the hay and went for it. SO glad I did. He rolled on the floor, played a game, and had a great time. birthday 3 027
  3. His new toys. We didn’t go in for a bunch of toys this year, since he spoiled rotten anyway, but he received a few from family and friends. They’re great. He got a guitar that he’s loving a water table with a motor that is just too much fun. 013
  4. iPad. Yes, my baby has an iPad—I told you he’s spoiled, right? We’ve barely done anything with it, but oh, the possibilities. I’ve seen what Caleigh is doing with Proloquo2Go and I’m really excited to see what Charlie might do. birthday 3 089
  5. This guy with cerebral palsy who’s trying to get his own travel show. Here’s the thing—I heard he was getting a lot of votes and I was a little worried that there was a pity thing going on. You know, like when William Hung was on American Idol and he was terrible, but people loved him because he was terrible. Well, this guy with cerebral palsy, who is a wheelchair, is funny. Really. I’d watch him on TV with or without Teh Palsy. 026
  6. Blogger dinner. I got invited to a local cocktail hour/dinner for bloggers and other Internet-type folks and it was SO FUN. When you go to a national event like Blissdom there are a lot of big-name bloggers, and it’s easy to feel small. It was cool to hang out with a group of people who are completely Internet obsessed AND they’ve read your blog.


Charlie was tasting the water, and then his friends decided to join him! Too cute.